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Assessment Schedule booklets
The Assessment Schedule booklets contain important information on key assessment dates, assessment outcomes and weightings of different course components. They are a very useful tool that will help students plan ahead and develop good learning and study habits.

The process of putting the Assessment Schedule booklets together involved all teachers in a professional conversation about the purpose and nature of assessment and how different types of assessment can be used to help students in the learning process. In fact, the conversation about assessment is part of a much broader dialogue about quality teaching and learning at Nepean - one of the three main focus areas for the school in the next few years - along with Engagement, Enrichment and Recognition and Learning Environments.

All staff at the school are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do and make sure that teaching and learning is explicit, relevant, meaningful and founded on best practice that is consistently and collectively applied across the whole school.

As teachers plan for the next year we are mindful that the purpose of assessment is not only to measure student achievement against standards, but also to involve students in the learning process, encourage them to ask questions and monitor their own progress, use teacher feedback to reflect on their own learning and progresively work towards achieving their learning goals. As we re-think and evaluate the nature and number of assessment tasks - including formal and informal assessment - we are aspiring to create a caring, supportive and inclusive learning environment that offers everyone a wide range of opportunities to develop as individuals and succeed as learners.

The Assessment Policy and Procedure Course Assessment Schedules for each year can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link below:

2018 Year 7 Assessment Procedures & Course Assessment Schedules

2018 Year 8 Assessment Procedures & Course Assessment Schedules

2018 Year 9 Assessment Procedures & Course Assessment Schedules

2018 Year 10 Assessment Procedures & Course Assessment Schedules

2018 Year 11 Preliminary HSC Assessment Schedules

2018 Year 12 HSC Assessment Policy & Procedures Course Assessment Schedules

Application for Special Consideration for Illness-Misadventure
If illness or misadventue prevents a student from completing an Assessment Task on or before the due date the school must be advised immediately the situation is know (before the due date if possible) and submitted to the Head Teacher on the day of returning to school.

Please click on
Illness-Misadventure to dowload the application form.


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