Our School - School Plan

As part of the school planning process, teachers, parents and students have evaluated current practices and made recommendations on how the school as a whole can improve in the following areas:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Engagement, Enrichment and Recognition, and
  3. Learning Environments.

The main difference between the current school plan and previous plans is the introduction of milestones - specific actions that need to take place at particular points in time. So what can we expect to see happen at the school as a result of the planning process?

The first action has already been implemented - the writing of report comment banks for Years 7 and 8. Report comments will include very explicit information about what your child has studied at school, how your child was assessed and how he/she compares to others, and what your child needs to do to improve. This milestone will make student reports a lot more informative and will provide a lot more relevant information about students' learning.

Other actions or milestones include the implementation of the school's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that allows students to bring to school their own electronic devices and use them for learning. This policy has been formulated with teacher, student and parent input and supports 21st Century learning in the clasroom. The policy clearly defines students' responsibilities about safe and ethical use of electronic devises.

Another milestone is the evaluation of the school's learning spaces - both classrooms and outside learning spaces - to ensure that we create a supportive and pleasant learning environment for everyone. This evaluation will result in recommendations to the school executive on how school funds can be used to improve the physical environment of classrooms and other areas in the school. While limited funds may not allow us to address every area at once, the setting of specific goals will allow us to prioritise available funds in response to student, teacher, parent and community feedback.

Another milestone is the evaluation of school values and the processes which allow us to consistently set explicit, challenging and achievable learning goals for all students and establish clear expectations that promote student responsibility for their behaviour and learning. This milestone links directly to the evaluation of systems for student recognition, including recognition letters, school awards and recognition assemblies.

Only a few of the important milestones have been mentioned here. We encourage all parents to take an active role in making the school plan a reality by being part of action teams, attending P&C Meetings and forming genuine partnerships with the school. Please contact Mr Maric, Deputy Princpal, if you would like more detail on how to become an active participant in making our school vision reality. 

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