Our School - Uniform Requirements

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The school community at Nepean has agreed to be a uniform school. The wearing of school uniform increases security for students at school and while travelling to and from school. Uniform promotes self-discipline in students and develops high standards in personal appearance. Show your pride in Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School by the way you dress and in the way you aim to “Aspire the Heights”.

Do not buy an alternative item even if it is close to school uniform. Most of the variations in our uniform code come from this problem. It occurs because of fashion pressure. Families who make a “close enough is good enough” choice are contributing to the “dumbing-down” of our uniform policy. It contributes to an undesirable cycle which gathers pace as students see non-uniform items being worn and mistakenly assume this to be acceptable.

Procedure for student out of uniform

Students, who are out of uniform, must come to school in the minimum dress requirements*, looking neat and tidy with a note written by a parent explaining the circumstances. Students need to present this note to their Roll Call teacher who will issue a uniform pass in their diary or on a note, to excuse the lack of uniform on that day. The uniform pass must be kept all day and presented when requested.

*Minimum dress requirements (no admission to classes unless met): collared shirt, trousers or skirt, enclosed shoes and socks.

Persistent failure to conform to the agreed uniform requirements of the school without a valid reason may result in a detention and parental contact. For more information refer to the School Diary.