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Learning Extension
Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following areas of ability at school - intellectual, creative, social and physical. Our gifted and talented program provides these students with learning opportunities on top of the normal curriculum.

Year 7 Extension Class 2017
Applications for the Year 7 Extension Class 2017 are now open. Applications are open to all students enrolled in Year 7 2017 at Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School.

Please click the
Application Form to download.

Applications close:  Friday 9 December 2016.

Cost:  Please note, a $10 fee is payable per child to cover the costs of administering the test for the Year 7 Extension Class.

Date:  The Extension class Placement Test will be held on Monday 12 December 2016.

Time: There will be two sessions: 10am to 12pm or 1pm to 3pm. Please contact Mrs Vicki Bowman on 4728 7205 and advise which session your child will be attending. The test itself takes approximately 1 hour. We have allowed a two-hour time block to ensure students are not rushed and can be offered appropriate rest breaks.

Venue:  Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School. Please meet Mrs Bowman at the Front Office at your chosen time.

Bring:  Nothing! All equipment will be provided.


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