Faculties - English

The English Faculty at Nepean are a dedicated team of professionals working to provide your child with the best possible outcomes from their English experience. We strive to cater for the whole range of student abilities and interests. We seek to strike a well tuned balance between positive academic outcomes as well as a recognition of each child's social and emotional needs. All of our staff are of the belief that, while English is a mandatory subject, it should also follow that it is interesting, stimulating and challenging on as many different levels as is possible.

The Junior Experience
Our Year 7-10 program ranges quite broadly across studies of novels, plays, films, non-fiction, advertising, poetry and media. We work to use these particular areas of focus as a backdrop for the development of core skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and representing. In these early years we are looking to lay the ground work for an enduring love of the subject but also for building those skills necessary for successful achievement. To this end, we actively provide preparation for all external assessment mechanisms such as NAPLAN in Years 7 and 9.

The Senior Experience
There are the full range of courses provided for students going on to study for the HSC, with members of staff who are experienced in all courses and have HSC marking experience.

Extension I and II (1 unit each )
These courses are for the academically inclined English student. They are challenging and stimulating for all those with a real love of literature or who are seeking to make a career based on English.

Students entering these courses need to possess strong writing skills and an insightful understanding of how text conveys meaning. The student must be enrolled in Advanced English and they are studied in addition to Advanced English, not as a substitute for the core 2 units of English.

Advanced English
This is the academic strand of English that seeks to more highly develop critical literacy skills with an emphasis on interpretation, contextual influences on text and the course contains a compulsory study of Shakespeare. A student attempting this course needs to be prepared for significant home study and a heavier reading regime. The course is highly rewarding.

Standard English
This course is the minimum requirement for the completion of an ATAR based HSC. It focuses on solidifying literacy skills within the context of areas of study and personal research. There is no mandatory Shakespearean study, however it is still academically rigorous with home study a necessary component of student success.

ESL English
Our English faculty also caters for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. We strive to provide our ESL students with a course that is both interesting and useful for further developing their basic skills, allowing them to complete the HSC. The course covers an area of study, a module focus, a basic skills language section and a listening component.

English Studies ( NON-ATAR )
Recently, there has been the development of a new course in English. This course recognises that not all students are looking for academic English and rather seek to complete their HSC without an ATAR. It is important to note that enrolling in English Studies only provides students with the ability to meet the NON-ATAR requirements of the HSC. This course focuses on real life English skills in everyday settings, especially the work place. It emphasises clear expression in communication, both written and verbal. The course seeks to equip students with English skills that pertain to everyday life.

Extra Curricular Opportunities
The English Faculty does also provide opportunities in relation to public speaking and debating. We also encourage students to enter writing competitions.

There are excursions involving theatre visits and we encourage students to help take ownership over their English corridor and classrooms with our mural paintings.

For further details and information please contact the English Head Teacher, who will be happy to talk with you about your child's needs and what we can offer in English.