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Performing Arts Extra-Curricular Program


Please click on 2018 Ensemble and Company Program to view the information note.


The Extra-Curricular program for Performing Arts students at our school will commence this term with auditions starting in Week 2. Auditions will be run (unless otherwise advised) in the timeslot that the ensemble/company will take place.


Students are required to write their name down on an Expression of Interest form for the audition/s they wish to attend and collect a permission note outlining the requirements and details for each audition.


Students must return the permission note signed by parents/carers in order to take part in the audition.


All ensemble and company information is available from the CAPA Administration Office at the NAC.


Ensembles and Companies that are on offer for audition as part of our Extra-Curricular program in Performing Arts include:


  • Circus and Hand Balancing Company
  • Aboriginal Dance Ensemble (Indigenous students)
  • Tap Ensemble
  • Jazz Company
  • Junior Dance Company (Year 7 students only)
  • Intermediate Dance
  • Senior Dance
  • Hip Hop Boys
  • Hip Hop Girls
  • Musical Theatre
  • Ballet Company
  • Junior Melodramatics (year 7 and 8 students only)
  • Intermediate Drama
  • Senior Drama
  • Junior Production Company
  • Film Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Rock Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Vocal Ensemble

Students must be part of the Performing Arts program to take part in the ensembles as this is an extension of their curriculum time.

Students who are successful at audition will receive an acceptance letter and contract outlining expectations of ensemble and company members at our school.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Performing Arts office on 4728 7203.