Caring For Students - Financial Assistance

Financial Support
Financial support is available to help eligible families with school related costs. 
We realise that sometimes it is difficult for families, especially with more than one student, to find the money for costs associated with going to school, but we are always willing to take part payments. Student Assistance funds are available in cases of genuine need, but funds are limited and have to also cover uniform and equipment. If you are having difficulty with school payments please contact the school to discuss the issue.

Education Tax Refund
If you are eligible for the 
education tax refund you could claim up to 50% back on your child's education expenses.

School Student Transport Scheme
The school student transport scheme provides subsidised travel to and from school for eligible students on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services. A subsidy is also available for transport to and from a public transport pick up point in private vehicles, in areas where there is no public transport.

Assisted School Travel Program
assisted school travel program helps eligible students with a disability to travel to and from school safely.


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