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Nepean Study Guide
One of the initiatives at our school that is meant to enhance the collaboration between the school and home is the Nepean Study Guide. At home, the study guide should be placed in a visible location, preferably where students study and do their homework.

The study guide can assist parents to support their children and work with the school in the process of managing time and meeting important deadlines for school work. The study guide allows students and parents to quickly glance over important dates and events and serve as a reminder of when they are due.

The study guide has a Weekly Planner to allow students and parents to create a study schedule to manage study time at home. A study schedule can help students and parents strike a balance between all the tings that need to be done, whether it's extra-curricular activities, study or play. As long as students stick to their weekly study schedule, and ensure that there is a balance between things that are important, they will feel in control of their life and studies.

The study guide also has a Term Planner - a long-term calendar that helps students plan ahead and stay in control of deadlines. The Term Planner can help students and parents always keep track of when assignments or projects are due. This will allow student to adjust their weekly schedule to ensure they give themselves enough time to complete all work on time. All important dates from your child's assessment schedule should be copied into the Term Planner.

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How to manage your Learning iBook
This school developed iBook has many guided activities and tips on how to get organised, how to manage time and how to study.