Careers - Beacon Charter Signing

Beacon Foundation Partnership - Wider Choices, Real Futures

The Beacon Foundation is a national not for profit organisation that has been operating since 1988. Their vision and purpose is to support young people to transition successfully into the workforce. They believe every young person has the right to hope, a job, financial opportunity and the sense of personal success this provides them.

The Wider Choices, Real Futures program is about students agreeing to continue to engage in the learning process and develop the necessary skills until they are meaningfully employed - learn until you earn. Students are encouraged to make something of their future and the program links them up with education providers and businesses.

Our school has been involved in the Beacon Program since 2004 and is now a Platinum Alumni Beacon school. We participate in the Beacon Program when students enter Year 10 as we feel it is an important time for them as they begin to think about their future careers. With 100 per cent of our students studying until Year 12, attending TAFE, starting an apprenticeship or entering fulltime employment, it has been deemed a success. For the students, the charter signing is a positive experience.

The charter states:

"I willingly commit to achieving personal success through Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School's Wider Choices Real Futures Careers Program. I will pursue a positive pathway in further education, training or employment".

In addition to the students signing the charter local businesses, together with parents and guests, are invited to attend and sign the charter as a show of support to the students.

2015 Beacon Charter Signing
The Beacon Charter Signing was an absolute success again this year. The Year 10 students were enthusiastic and more than ready to sign the agreement to do their best to attain successful jobs in the work force. This momentous occasion was witnessed by parents and business men and women (sixty business were represented) from around the Nepean Valley community. 

Items were provided by Arena McLellan on Piano, the Hand Balancing Group and the boys' Hip Hop Group. David Jurgutis and Mark Robertson provided excellent background music playing guitar and the Senior Vocal Ensemble sang the National Anthem beautifully. The guest speaker was Brent Williams from "Tomorrows Youth" who kept Year 10 engaged with interesting stories which inspired and motivated the students to work hard for the future.

2015 Beacon Leaders
The  2015  Beacon  Leaders,  chosen to represent Year 10 at careers functions throughout the year, are Natasha Brooks, Shania Kumarasamy and Ethan White. Throughout this year they will further develop their leadership and communication skills through meeting and greeting business people that attend the school to assist our students. After signing the charter our Beacon leaders made the following comments:

"When I did sign the charter it made me feel like I have committed to getting somewhere in the workforce that I would be happy to do for the rest of my life. Also it makes me want to strive a little further and work a little harder to get where I want to be", said Shania Kumarasamy

"Making this promise has given me the motivation to make sure that I do commit to the career that I want to do and I will strive to work hard towards that", said Natasha Brooks.

"You are making a commitment that you are going to strive for a better future. It gives you a good feeling of satisfaction", said Ethan White, who is tossing up between a number of different career options.