Careers - Panthers on the Prowl Programs

Panthers on the Prowl run many programs that assist our students.

Careers Awareness and Mentoring Program

The aim of this program is to broaden awareness of various careers and career pathways and to also mentor students in the process. The students visit various organisations and workplaces and are able to meet key people who can help them learn about those industries.

Some of the career options addressed by Panthers are Media and Entertainment, Sport and Fitness, Business and Legal, Hospitality and Public Service/Policing. 

The Panthers on The Prowl mini bus picks up our students at 11.00am and returns them to school at the end of lunch.


Empower-U Seminar

The Empower-U Seminar is held at the Panthers on the Prowl classroom at Centrebet Stadium in Penrith. Each year the seminar is presented by a different speaker. 

Some of the things the students learn are to develop greater self-esteem and confidence and to take action to take responsibility for their lives and break through any personal barriers that may hold them back from success to develop clearly defined goals and detailed plans for their achievement. 

One student, Alex Smith attended the Emmpower-U Seminar and had this to say:

“At the beginning of the seminar we were warned that our lives were about to change: we were sceptical! With that statement there were a lot of expectations that had to be met but Brent Williams, the presenter of Empower-U, was confident that the seminar that he and his team had created was going to exceed our expectations and have a lasting impact on our lives. This was proven throughout the seminar, as my fellow participants and I were thrown into activities that forced us out of our comfort zones and challenged our opinions on ourselves and others. This brought a new perspective for us to explore that changed our lives. I would recommend all to try Empower-U as it will change your life!”